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Originally Posted by Shedofdread View Post
Mmmmm... That would appear 'sufficient' Many thanks for the info.
Do you want sufficient, or a little more on the High Performance side of fun? I'm in the middle of my build, which is going very slow BTW, and my ship is somewhat porky. AUW estimated to be approx 2800-2900gms, 1650gms. empty.

RFM 17x13-40mm spinner
Ice Lite 200 (I could use smaller)
2x2S Nanotech 65 3850
Est. 200 amps 3000w or so....40-45 m/s or so.

I have to remove the pod, and slide the motor in from the back (barely). Also, my RX and RX pack are in the boom. Nothing can go under the wing joiner, so the motor, esc, and lipos (end to end) fit in the nose (again, barely).

I don't know if my fuse is any bigger or smaller than other F3B fuses or not.

I'm guessing you only want to get to altitude, but you said you plane was fairly fast, so I posted this possible option.

EDIT: Here are some other Neu options (at least that work in the Viking). Some are considerably smaller than my system.

Motor Propeller Batt watts in Airspeed AUW
SNeu 1110/1Y/6.7 Aeronaut16x8 3S 2200mAh 700 W 3 Kg 5-10m/s 2550 g
SNeu 1110/1Y/6.7 Aeronaut15x13 3S 2200mAh 900 W 2 Kg 7-12m/s 2550 g
SNeu 1115/2.5D/6.7 RF 17x13 6S 2200mAh 1,4 kW 3,7 Kg
SNeu 1115/2.5D/6.7 RF 17x13 7S 2200mAh 2,4 kW 4,8 Kg 38-40 m/s 2900 g
SNeu 1512/1.5Y/6.7 RF 20x13 7S 2200mAh 2 kW 7,2 Kg 28-30 m/s 2980 g

It sounds like your's may be lighter than these, so performance should be even better.

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