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Hi Andrew

I went back and forth for two days on how big I wanted this strip to be and whether I was going to use wood or plastic. In the end, I used styrene 2.5X3.0mm strips. They are bonded on using CA. I started with epoxy but I'm not patient enough and it wasn't giving me a clean result. Used a strip of wood the size of my planking for a jig I clamped against the top rail and then glued each piece in position while pushing it up, against the jig too.

As far as the grey primer goes? I started with black but I found while working on my tanks, the lighter grey is much easier to see things with(things that need cleaning up etc.). So, I decided to go the same way with this ship. It will be detailed and primered with grey before final paint.

The main thing with our models, and the only thing I would add to Jerry's comments is that these came out of a mold. There is usually a mold-release used that sometimes remains on the gelcoat surface(although mine appeared clean as can be) so whatever primer you use, be sure to clean, as needed, and sand the hull before paint. This will ensure adhesion of your first coat and therefore the subsequent coats of paint. Hitting it with a 320 or 220 paper or something like should be sufficient.

It's good we will have different ships. That's what makes these models from Philip so great. Everyone adds their own personality to it so they are all different even though they come from the exact same kit. Makes each one we see on this forum interesting to look at. In my humble opinion

Looking forward to getting more parts onto the hull!!

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