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Originally Posted by irun4fundotca View Post
isint that true!!!
you know how I deal with those people?.... I buy more from the ones who do it right! as they are saved in my favourite sellers.

when i look for something new to buy.. i check those first for what i am looking for, and keep the bad ones as a last resort
That works. Unfortunately tho, unless you're buying something involved in a particular 'line' of items (like, with your hobby) & even otherwise, so often the things you're interested in are offered by sellers outside that 'favorites' lineup.

I've been an eBayer since their earliest days, & that 'feedback hostage' thing was a trend that unfortunately caught on & endured - and is one of my most-loathed things about the site. That & the fact it takes several acts of Congress to get any wrongdoings corrected.

The icing on the Ebay cake? To this day my one & only negative feedback came from a seller whom I wouldn't give a positive, FOR not giving her a positive. Didn't give a negative, mind you, not even a neutral -- I just wouldn't provide feedback and apparently it was a mistake to tell her the only reason I wouldn't is because it would HAVE to be negative & I didn't want to get a 'revenge' neg.

Now, for the cherry on top. The item (a video camera) she sent was (a) not 'like new' as described; (b) was not even the freakin' MODEL advertised, & (c) was NON-FUNCTIONAL!! I appealed with eBuy (this was pre-PayPal days) until I was blue-in-the-fingers. Bottom line - I still carry that one negative feedback today.
That'n really soured my love for the site. People here should be grateful we can so easily revise our feedback, & appeals don't so readily fall on deaf ears.
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