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David you are right, for converting F3x fuses you are generally looking at 3s maximum in a stacked pack. So then 3s+3s can work, joining 2 packs in series.. But to get the CG you might need to go under the joiner so then you are probably looking at 2s+2s. This is another good reason for using a system based on 4s. (But we have also done 3s+2s with the 3s ahead and 2s under the joiner).

Under 1kw though 3s would be fine if you also want to run a Ubec but pulling over a 1kw and running 6 power hungry MKS servos for instance was just too much for comfort though pretty certain it would work. I guess you would be looking at each cell under load dropping below 2v before it didn't! So probably better to use a separate RX battery for this system. This didn't work for us because it adds more weight and needs more space etc.

Our thinking for a light set up at this power level was even if the motor demand was so high to drop each cell to 2v with 4s there is still 8v for the radio. Anyway, a simple cost consideration also played a part. 3s systems based on 1kw + needs a high amp ESC which is more expensive. 4s systems need a 75-100a ESC which are far less expensive and freely available.
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