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No roll at throttle up

I finished my build and have flown the plane six times. I didn't notice any twist using the chopstick/pencil alignment test. When I throw the throttle wide open, the plane stays straight and does not drop a wing. You guys almost talked me out of this plane, but it seems to fly fine to me. Maybe they had a bad batch or something, and I got lucky. (I'm using the 72g motor.)

I did notice that inverted flight needs a fair amount of down-elevator, and there's a whole lot of knife-edge coupling (aileron and possibly elevator too) that I need to mix out. Surprising, because I thought prior reviews suggested otherwise.

Also I put the Aurora light kit on it (and it looks exactly like the picture JavaScript posted above). I am finding that orientation is hard to determine at a moderate distance, either because of the plane's color scheme or (more likely) because the light kit emits a bright point of light in a wide angle from each of the LEDs, washing out a lot of the reflected light from the wing and tail.
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