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Well, today was my flight test day and all started to go well. I did some taxiing around to feel the handling of the Mars. I had a littlle extra nose weight in the form of bagged gravel for the initial flight. It was just more than needed just for the test. I set the plane up for a take off in the wind and lifted off and a slight bank to port and landed the plane slightly off. A Howard Hughes type test. I also have a movie clip on my camera.

No problem. The wind was more to the right than I thought. I brought the plane back in and landed her on the shore to wait for a more favorable direct head on wind instead of on my backside. I flew another plane while it waited to go up again. While I was tending equipment I heard a fellow flier land his Piper Cub and taxi in to shore. He came in toward my Mars as I was told and the water rudder on his floats was no longer soldered. Not knowing at the time, he tried to turn the plane it did not respond. The Nitro motor could not be killed and I heard the wrenching bang and crunch.

I could not believe he tore into my plane. I can repair it OK but my flight test envelope now is gone. I need a test flight before next Sunday when we have our 4th Annual Float Fly. The weather is good tomorrow and maybe Saturday after 2 bad days predicted rain. I doubt I can fly it before Sunday and get the bugs out. I think it will only make a static display at the show now. The split rudder also is bent and I do not know if that is OK either. It has prop cuts in it also. Bummer!
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