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The Mystique is going to fill a big void in the sailplane market. That would be entry level full house sailpalnes over 2 meters. There just aren't many out here under $500. To thier cusotmers the Mystique is a high end plane, but to the sailpalne market, this is entry level stuff. We will see how good it is as the reports come in.

.So is there really going to be that much difference in performance between an entry level Mystique and a high end glider like the Supra? Would the difference only be felt by an experienced pilot? I do know that Paul Naton just won an ALES contest with a Radian (and not the Pro version by the way) competing against high end craft.
Hard to say. Until someone starts providing reports it is all conjecture and specs discussions. And, of course we would need to compare an e-Mystique to an e-Supra and a Mystique to a Supra.

We have the same discussions about Radians and AVAs. An E-AVA is at least 5 times the price of a Radian. But is it 5 times better at thermal soaring? No! So from a value point of view, the Radian is the winner. From a performance point of view the AVA would win.

A showroom Taurus vs. a NASCAR Taurus. The showroom Taurus will probably do 120 mph around the track at Daytona. The Nascar Taurus costs at least 10 times as much but does not go 10 times faster around the track. In a race the showroom Taurus would be a distant last, but the showroom Taurus will still get you to the store and back every day.

Probalby similar for a Mystique and a Supra.

We are talking value vs. performance.

And, in the final analysis, it is the pilot as much as the plane that matters. Not only in flying skills and reading the air, but in balance, trimming and radio set-up skills. These may matter more than the glider itself. That is why Paul wins with a Radian over pilots with "better planes".
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