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Mic603, I started with a Gaui 330x. It was good and cheap, but after a few months I was maxing it out with fpv gear and gopro. If I could do it all over I would go with a DJI 450 flamewheel. The NAZA flight controller is pretty solid and has 3 modes- manual(tilt it one way and you have to recenter it, also aerobatics capable in this mode), Atti. mode(recenters itself and holds altitude around mid throttle), and if you get a GPS compass with it, in GPS/Atti. mode, it can hold its altitude and position(GPS hold) and if you lose radio contact you can set it up to failsafe itself and have it fly back and land itself where you powered it up at. I would recommend better motors than stock ones. I use Avroto 2814s. which have been pretty good so far. They lend themselves nicely to a range of different props. I like the APC slow flyers best so far.
I dont know what your budget is, but the DJI f450 with NAZA, stock motors(2212s) DJI 30A escs, props and no GPS=450$ Thats not including controller/receiver. If you are planning on doing FPV down the road you can always get more powerful motors if you need. I would also consider looking at the Dragonlink uhf control system or something like it. It gives you long range(10+miles) and it uses 433mhz uhf, so you can use 2.4ghz video transmitters without interfering with model control or vice versa.
Here is a link to a place I have used which has some of these 450s. Look under DJI.
There are many other control systems out there, I know many people have had much success using other systems, but the DJI stuff has been good to me (except the Wookong-M. I like the NAZA much more.)
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