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Originally Posted by Rollmops67 View Post
Yes, still 2s cells, for me it's enough power and RPM's !I fly with Turnigy 2200 mAh batteries where the voltage remains over 3,6 V on each cell almost to the end, and the EH200 is still reactive enough at this voltage. And I set my low voltage buzzer to this voltage, so when it begins to beep, I now I still have about 2 minutes to return on earth. I ordered Walkera #4 blades, they may have a little less pitch, so maybe the heli will fly with a little bit more RPM's and stability ? Wait and see...
I'm not sure if you read this earlier but I too tried the Walkera #4 blades. I think they are probably ok with the 2s battery. When I tried it with the 3s battery they become unstable. So for now I'll stick to stock blades for 2s and have ordered the Honey Bee blades that Brent recommends for 3s use.

Let's all just fly away now shall we!
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