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I got the Tech One Yak 54 from Nitroplanes. $50.00, 42" span, 47" length, and 800grams AUW. I'm using a 2834 motor swinging a 11X3.8 prop for 1940grams calculated thrust! It goes just about the same speed straight up as it goes straight down with the motor chopped. I'm still learning its quirks and gradually increasing throws but, from the very first flight, it nearly hovers itself. I've also still got a couple ounces of lead on the nose so one has to really force it to snap but, once it departs, does lovely flat spins either upright or inverted. I get about 6 minutes with the 1300mah 3 cell and about 8 with the 1600 and, frankly, I need to land and calm down after that anyway.

I figure I'll step up to a balsa bird, perhaps one of the precision Aerobatics line, next spring. The Yak is a bit on the heavy side so it depends on brute force a bit more than a good balsa 3D plane. I've been doing Extras since they hit the market so I'll probably go with something different if I decide to go with more of a scale plane. I love Sukhois and Yaks with radial engines but it seems like they get too heavy with a scale fuselage section. Maybe a Sbach, MX2, or Katana? I might just stick with a non scale for my first balsa 3D.

I'm surprised that my prop is still intact since I don't have an 11" replacement and the performance is much poorer with the 10 inchers. I've checked every hobby shop within range and none of them have 11 inch slow fly props on hand and can't promise them much quicker than a slow boat from China so I'll just have to live with lower thrust for awhile if I break my primary prop.
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