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Sailplane Radios?

The last time I flew a sailplane it was a Free Flight and had a "pop-up" stab held down with a tiny rubber band with a homemade fuse shoved through it. I lit the fuse when launching on a High Start and if I caught a thermal the fuse would burn through the rubber band in about 15 min and the stab would pop up and the plane would flat spin down. Now I'm getting long in the tooth and have got rid of all my big gas jobs because I can't handle them anymore - and first off bought a Ventus V2 PNP. Set it up per the instructions for a glider in my JR 9303 manual with flaps on the throttle stick and throttle on the right slide switch. I crashed on the first flight because my buddy threw the plane at a very high angle which didn't give the motor time enough to bite and I couldn't recover fast enough when the nose dropped. She hit the ground and I pulled off motor but it just dropped the flaps while the prop beat itself to death!!
So my long winded question is - do all glider pilots program their transmitter sticks in this way? Can I leave the tranny stick setup the same as flying my scale Cub etc. or will I miss some of the sailplane niceties available in the sailplane mode. The 9303 is extremely programmable but I am not and fifty + years of flying RC creates some habits that are hard to break - like I fly mode 1!! 'Nuf said. Thanks!
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