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Originally Posted by Rollmops67 View Post
Hhmmm, seems to be cold in the morning...
Very pretty flight, and, as always the music is very good.
Congrats to the singer, I think you know him...
It was about 7 degrees out when I flew earlier so yeah... getting close to frost! Excellent weather for the motors though. No chance of overheating. I'll pass on your congrats to the singer. I should be seeing him shortly.

Originally Posted by Rollmops67 View Post
Today I took my EH200-modified F45 for 2 flights. On the second, when the heli was at more then 100 meters, it began to slip to the right (I thought). So I gave aileron to the left to compensate, it drifted more, I gave more aileron, and finaly the heli smashed in a field. I realized at this moment, that with the bright sky and the distance, I had misjuged the helis position, thinking it was sliping to the right, but it was in fact sliping to the left, and all I did is to accelerate this. The crash, even seen from the distance, was very hard, and I said to myself "OK this time there will be lots of things to repair." Finally I took the heli, it was full of earth and mud on the left side, but, nothing seemed broken. Astonishing. It was raining the last days, so the earth is wet and soft, that helped to amortize the crash It was still bound to the TX so I tried to spool it up, but there was a bad vibration when the rotor was turning. The rotor shaft didn't seem to bee bent, the flybar neither, then I saw that one of the blades was severely bent. I replaced the blade, cleaned the heli from the earth and mud, and voilą, it flies like before.
It's really incredible how this thing is robust. Have nice flights and smooth landings Roland
Congrats on the EH200 upgrade. Are you on stock blades and 2s lipo still? I had to go back to this configuration as my blades are useless at 3s. New ones should arrive around the time snow flies. I find the power to be excellent already but even today with almost no surface wind there's enough of a breeze at ~100m that it was hard to descend as softly as I was hoping to. At least with this setup I feel confident letting it drop fairly fast as I know a quick burst of power and it will recover.

So just a few minutes ago I too smashed my F45. I was barrelling along nicely, taking a smooth path past a tree but didn't realize there were 2 trees hiding behind the first one. Bam! I hit the tree at about 10m and dropped to the ground. The damage was a very slight bend to the flybar - fixed instantly - and a broken landing skid. I checked everything else out and proceeded to fly it all the way home. Only downside is the video got screwed up and didn't save so I lost the footage.

I love this helicopter. It really is the most fun to fly out of all the helis I own.
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