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Originally Posted by Dr Honda View Post
I agree 100% !!!

When the P20 came out... I thought... I NEED ONE !!!!! but after I sat back, and thought about it... it really is too small for most 90mm airframes. I saw a P-20 in a 90mm ViperJet... and it took a long time (for it's size) to get off the runway. And... to put it in a smaller model (like a Habu) it's a VERY tight installation.

The Kolibri engines are absolutely beautiful, but unless you want to put it on a "Hand Launch" model... they are too small too. (and in the USA they are crazy epensive. +$3500)

I have a Wren 44, and it's a MOSNTER in a 90mm airframe. I have one in a CMP T-45. I have it turned down to about 8Lbs of thrust, and it will jump off of a paved runway in about 80'. Grass it's too much longer. Since I have it turned down... this is why I think a 35n engine would be perfect. Not to mention... an engine designed to be 35n will be a few oz lighter... and I could carry less fuel. So... if Jet Munt would release the M35 (or if Hobby king would make one, but the one in the vid looked too big).... I would think the same model would be a full 3/4 Lb lighter on take-off.... and at least 4~5 oz lighter on landing.

FYI... hobby king sells this same kit, with the 2010 show paint. (Britt flag version)


I agree with the price of the Lambert beeing high, but for me I'm happy (sort of) to pay for something that do work. I now own three T25's, not because I like to waste money but as they work so darn well. Running perfect on diesel fuel

Jets munt said their engine would produce 4kg of thrust when finnished, but it looked exactly the same as one year ago.

Well, we'll see what HK comes up with. If they can do a 35N engine in P20 size and weight it would be good.(but as I mentioned before I doubt it)
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