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Originally Posted by johnm1 View Post
I have mpu6050 imu with HMC5883L slaved off it and get some flaky compass readings and variation after calibration in Multiwii 2.1 .When flying Yaw drifts and jumps around a bit.

When I load Megapirates Mag and Yaw are perfect and it flys great.
Hi John,

Doesn't sound like calibration nor MAG issue
Have you increase YAW P already for more yaw authority? You can have it quite high up from my experience. Drift correction would need higher P, slow 'jitters' should need I adjustment if I recall correctly. But no expert on PID-tuning, way to time consuming for my liking

How did you calibrate the MAG? Did you rotate it around all axis during the calibration (flashing status LED)? Was there no magnetic interference from laptop/pc/PSU/cellphone etc?

But I don't believe MWC uses MAG for yaw anyway, it utilizes the gyro's.
MAG can be enabled (via software or TX switch) to keep pointing front, or to fly 'headless'. Maybe Megapirates combines the gyro and mag readings, but I'm not sure.
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