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Originally Posted by Lentar View Post
I have read one post in which a user describes loss of power to dead in a minute. This would allow a controlled landing unless flying at a great height (which I don't do following my tree hit experience) I was wondering if the main motor can just go from normal to dead in a few seconds leading to a severe crash? Has anyone experienced this? Also after how many flights would the tail motor pack up? Again does this go completely dead or what? If it fails, the helicopter will spin along the vertical axis, when this happens, is it possible to ease down on the throttle for a controlled landing?
Hello !

i allready experienced the failure of both motors, after about 50 flights.
For the main motor I was lucky, I didn't fly very high. When it happens, I barely could climb, and after a few seconds, I just could hover. I landed, took the heli in my hand to look for the problem. I activated the throttle 3 or 4 times, the rotor still turned but very slow, and then it stopped definitively. If I had the problem at 100 feet altitude, I think the result would have been far worse !

I also had a tail motor failure, it just stopped without any warning and the heli began to turn on it's vertical axis.
What I did do is to reduce the throttle so the heli didn't come down too fast and didn't turn on it's axis too fast. It landed in grass, and the heli was not harmed at all.
Here also I cconsider I have been lucky, because it occured while I was flying over a meadow. If I had been flying over houses or people, the outcome would have been different.

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