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Originally Posted by The Tug View Post
The programming process will only time out at step 1 you have to turn on the switch with in 3 secs of the winch completing it's 10 beeps after that each process you can take all day.
P.S everyone has thier preference i prefer the D model to the ES, it has a delay on the final trim which i don't like however you sail in much lighter air than i do.
The Drum size is 42mm
I re-ran the procedure called SmartWinch Setup Procedure
Failsafe Receivers Signal Line Switch Method and your version of it several times and did so on two completely different Rx's and Tx's and get identical results. I get the long Acknowledge tone after the three Beeps for both the Close hauled and the Far End settings .. all that seems to match exactly thru the end of the .pdf step 5 and your Step 5. but regardless of how I shut down by simply disconnecting the battery , or by removing the Receiver Power 1st then the battery ( with or without the Signal switch left ON), or with the stick and slider at any position I get the exact same result when I try to start up from scratch

Tx is On 1st.. makes no difference where the stick is set.. as I power ON the Winch I get two or three very short beeps.. the Shaft turns 180 CW then -180 CCW back to the same point you see below .. and then I get 4 or more Boing Boing Boing sounding Abort tones and from that point on the shaft never turns..

I will tty the WD-40 flush then
I plan to try this one or two last times with a different model 2.4 Tx/Rx and with a 72Mhz Tx/Tx and will then likely send it back for the Refurb and model E conversion.

But, I think I'd rather have a dumb Sail Winch and just let my Tx control the End points, the travel and rate adjustment and all that in the Tx from out side the boat ( or Plane or Heli) as I'm used to doing.. but I don't know where to get such a Winch that is IOM legal and there may be some other thing I'm missing here.. so am not giving up on it yet...
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