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Originally Posted by super_dork View Post
I recently got one of these 808 #16 cams and have found that it seems to turn off after about 2 minutes or less of recording sometimes. Any ideas on how to address this issue?

Originally Posted by CrashMaster39 View Post
I know it seems obvious, but be sure battery is fully charged. I had similar issue, and I thought my battery was charged but it wasn't. Also, cold temps will drastically reduce battery life/charge. When the battery is low, you can turn it on & record for a minute or two, then it turns itself off. You can turn it on again when you notice, and it turns itself off after 30 seconds or so. You would think if battery was dead, it would not turn on at all, but that is not the case, which made it difficult to diagnose at first.
And to add to CrashMaster39's post, you could ask yourself why the battery isn't charging. The most common problem is a flaky USB cable. Try another cable, or yet another. The green LED should stay on for about 2 - 2.5 hours if your battery is flat.
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