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Originally Posted by xRCxHeli View Post
how to get inverted, and yes i've practiced on the, i have the FMS, but i didn't know if that was realistic at all? I'm using a DX4e the one that comes with the RTF version
The DX4e has pre-programmed curves built which are on the aggressive side. It would be better if you could get a programmable transmitter like the DX6i so that you can have more control on how the heli flies.

Anyway, you need to get into the stunt mode of the DX4e in order to get inverted. This is simply done by putting the L hand side switch down. As you do so, you will get a sudden increase in head speed. You can either do this on the ground before you take off or do it while you are in the air. I normally do it on the ground so that you don't get a nasty jump. There is also supposed to be a soft start option available but you will have to ask others how to use it. You should practice flying in stunt mode for some time before trying your first inverted move.

Since the Nano is very aggressive, you may need to put expo on in the DX4e. I can't remember offhand how to do it so you will have to ask others.
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