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Originally Posted by Lentar View Post
I have read one post in which a user describes loss of power to dead in a minute. This would allow a controlled landing unless flying at a great height (which I don't do following my tree hit experience) I was wondering if the main motor can just go from normal to dead in a few seconds leading to a severe crash? Has anyone experienced this? Also after how many flights would the tail motor pack up? Again does this go completely dead or what? If it fails, the helicopter will spin along the vertical axis, when this happens, is it possible to ease down on the throttle for a controlled landing?
Depends on the cause of the loss of power. If the battery reaches deep discharge (less than 3.0v per cell under load) it will lose voltage very quickly, causing the heli to totally lose power.

If the motor burns out, this can also happen quickly, as usually it is the brushes that fail first. As soon as a brush fails, the motor effectively loses half it's power, so again, being a sudden change, this would cause a quick loss of power.

Regarding life span, many people are reporting around 50 flights (8-10 minutes each) being a fairly regular standard. Some get them to last a lot longer. One member Whizgig has flown over 400 flights with the original parts. The main thing is to not over use the motors too frequently. They can get very hot, so giving the motor a chance to cool down between flights and even halfway through a flight will help. For these relatively cheap brushed motors, heat and friction are their worst enemy.

Originally Posted by Lentar View Post
PS: Anyone considered the E-Flite 320H brushless for Blade 300X, or is it the wrong size?
Hard to tell, as I can't find any dimension specifications for it. If it is less than 24mm in diameter then there is a good chance it will work.
A little expensive at $40 a pop though. And you'd still need the ESC for it to work. So your looking at at least $60 shipped if not more.
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