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Originally Posted by Dr Honda View Post
Personally... I would like to see a 35n turbine, at the $1300 mark (that is reliable) since that would be the ideal size for all the 90mm EDF kits they already sell.
No problem, but keeping the size and weight down will be a problem.

Lambert does a good job, 28N from a 9.3oz engine.(verified) Jetcat can't do it... 23N from a 13oz engine.(verified) Jetsmunt can't do it 35N from a 16oz engine.(current values as production is delayed due to unknown issues) + electronics in all cases.

You really need to keep the thrust to weight ratio of the engine close or over 10:1 if the engine is to be useful, specially in the heavier China ARF's

Sure you se planes fly on the P20 but they are underpowerd and won't fly from a grass field. (yes I know it is possible in some cases but also remember only the happy endings are uploaded on youtube.)

For me I cant see how $1300 is resonable for something that just won't cut it...

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