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There are different business models.

For example with Better Place you never buy the battery. You may buy or lease the car itself but you lease the battery. This reduces the up-front purchase price and means you never have to pay for a replacement battery.

You take a contract for a monthly rate that covers the battery and the 100% green energy used to recharge it at home, at a charge spot or via a swap-n-go service station. For someone that does 200 miles a day the costs are comparable or below fuel costs in most of the world where people pay vastly more than US consumers pay. I don't have all the figures to know where the economic crossover points are, but what this illustrates is that there are no technological barriers today, only mindset and scale hold us back. That is why government incentives of various forms are both needed and ethical to push the scale across the threshold that will allow purely private enterprise to take over.
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