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Originally Posted by The Tug View Post
Your first question correct it's reading the pulse width so the winch wont move to the out position,your second question to every different brand radio that winch will come to it's in position of that radios potentimeter which you don't know so if at that point the drum is on and it comes in too far you will shurley break something those RMG winches are very powerful,at this point when the winch has found the in position you then reinstall the drum on the given spline to your deck mark(sails in the boat sheets attached and closehauled) and then moving the joystick slowly out you achive your desired throw turn off the winch(switch) will beep to save that setting turn off everything and reboot power,fortunatley the winch only does this the first time it sees a new radio after that it will always come to the same in position as long as you have not messed with EPA etc.Now all thats stopping you from removal is a rubber grommet dig it into the pot with a small flat bit and slip the wires through and the winch is going to come out remember to send in a string,if that grommet needs replacing autopart store they snap brake lines onto shock absorbers.When you get it on the bench after cleanup program it 5 times to different revolutions to get fimilar with the process.I have owned a widget so i'm fimiliar with the layout.
Mr Tug,
All very good tips .. wish me luck, as i will try again tonight.. i am thinking it did not work earlier because I may have been toggling the Mode 2 throttle joystick over, and back too quickly.. and was worried it would time-out so ran thru the steps 5 and beyond perhaps too quickly. I never did hear any more beeps and now see i should get a beep at the very end of the set up sequence... Good info in the Grommet too.. the other reason I haven't pulled the winch out of the hull yet is I could not find a stubby or offset Phillips to fit under the deck and unscrew the two screws.. but I will certainly do that if i can't get it working in place. I've also been in touch with Rob and he's given me a quote on an upgrade/refurb so will go that route if unsuccessful.. Thanks yet Again.. i am sure glad you are out there Tug.. Regards, jimS
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