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Originally Posted by aeajr View Post
OK, now you have me excited too. Good luc!

Make sure you do some good hand throws first. Don't test it with power till you are happy with power off hand throws. If it won't glide nicely out of your hand with the power off you don't want to see what it will do with the power on.

Notice in the videos that they throw level or even slightly down. Never up. If you do accidentialy toss it upward, immediately give it a touch of down or it will stall.

When I put up a new glider, pure or E, I look for the tall grass to do some test throws. I may do 20 hand throws before it ever sees power, a hi-start or a winch. This was true of my Radian and my Supras. I adjust trims and sometimes CG as well. When it comes off my hand smooth and level, then I can really launch it, but not before.

This has saved more than one glider.
I understand, and I have mixed feelings. I've done it both ways, and at my field I feel more comfortable with some altitude before I test glide.

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