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LOL...that really defines bike dedication to see a guy wrapped up like the Michelin Tire Man . I've done it, I'll do it again. Putting a scarf around my face and having the helmet face shield down helps too. We're in "wet leaves on the road" season, gotta watch that stuff cause it's like ice.

As soon as possible for ya, you need to get a programmable radio. Personally, I've had nothing but problems with Spektrum. I do have a Spektrum DX6i here that I use on the micro cub and the micro T-28, as well as with my Pheonix flight simulator. I haven't had any trouble with the DX6i up to this point and I feel lucky. I had 2 DX7's and 2 DX6's....all four were junk. For my serious and expensive models, I use Futaba 7c, and it's been working well for the past 2.5 or more years. I have a backup Futaba 7c in the closet (over a year I've had it), just in case and I may never need to use it. Personally, I think if you got a DX6i, you wouldn't regret it and they're a breeze to program.

UPDATE: took the 450 out back. posted wind is 5mph but it's gusty and faster than that. Anyway, the flight (1batt) lasted 7:30, and nothing to report because I was fighting wind the whole time. I stuck to scale flight, and had no problems.

Second flight...alot less wind. Wind was about 3-5mph and I still flew scale, no areobatics. I did fly fast forward flight with steep stall turns and large circle turns. I was tempted to go inverted and do some flips, but I stuck to the program. That flight was fun because I didn't fight gusty winds.

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