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Originally Posted by TheWoodCrafter View Post
I say the technology is not ready because of the limitations involved.

Whether it is solar power, wind power or electric vehicles, the limitations are still there and they are big.
They will work in some areas or instances but not all. Where ICE does work always.
One of the biggest obstacles for cars is the limited distance and recharge time.

The shear size of our country will limit wide spread use of electrics cars for decades.
Infrastructure will take so long to install that by the time it is in place the battery technology could have changed.
Similar to NiCad to LiPo.

To be an electric car owners you have to be willing to put up with the limitations and I don't see the majority of people doing that.
If it can't provide the same level of use at a lower cost, electric cars will not be widely adopted.
Batteries are probably the biggest hurdle that needs to be addressed for electric vehicles to be viable. My Leaf can be charged in 30 minute or less with the right charging station, but fast charging degrades the battery as I understand it. The batteries are probably the big cost for electric vehicles. Once batteries can safely be charged fast, and they get cheaper, EVs are probably very close to being ready for prime time. The next hurdle is that we need enough fast charging stations that we can make longer trips in our electrics.

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