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I've got three quads fully built, and none of them fly. I don't know why. I spent 2 months trying to get any one of them to fly, and failed in all attempts. I've been using 2 NAZA flight controllers, and they worked wonderfully for several months. But each of the controllers has had 1 crash. Neither of them were bad crashes, from maybe 4 or 5 feet is all. But after those crashes, neither main quad will fly. I've replaced every component except the NAZA on both quads. So I'm starting to think that maybe the NAZA's can't take any bumping or jostling without getting screwed up. It's massively frustrating to spend thousands of dollars on vehicles that don't fly.

That's why I sort of gave up and decided to go back to flying wings instead. If I could buy a fully functional RTF quad that works flawlessly, I probably would just go that route. Sadly, nobody really makes those for those of us who want to fly FPV at a reasonable price. I can't afford an $8,000 cinestar or any of those high-end frames with high-end gear. I spent about $1,000 each on these two primary quads (an X650 and X650 clone), and it's really painful to see them sitting there in my work room mocking me. I also built a TBS discovery, and it never flew well. I got enough footage out of my first X650 to make one good video, but I still have such a bitter taste in my mouth about it that I can't bring myself to edit the video.
I can't think about it without wanting to punch something.

I'd give my left nut to get a good quad flying, but I just can't afford to pay for the high end gear, especially now that I've squandered so much on mid-ranged quads that don't work. If I had the money, or if could start over, I'd buy one really awesome high-end system... in a heart-beat. The footage I can get with a multi-rotor is mind-blowing. I got quite good at flying them before they stopped working.


I can't tell yet whether I like the Herc more than the Deep Reaper. I certainly love the longer flight times and load carrying capacity. But it's not as agile or fun to fly. So my recommendation right now would be to build one of each. DR for fun adrenaline junkie flying, and the Herc for longer range scenic flying. Once I get this Herc flying well and tuned just right, I'm finishing a ZII that I've had 75% built for months, then I'm building a Deep Reaper XL. I'm gonna try a Storm Chaser as well, just to see what it's like.
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