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What some seem to be missing is that if controls do not bind with servos at the max limits the Guardian will not cause them to bind atleast to the best of my knowledge and experience..

IMO way to many set servo arm lengths and control horn lengths to the point that 100% of normal servo travel will cuase stalling / binding and then they use reduced EPA to prevent this binding. I am saying that if the mechanial setup is correct there will be no binding.

If someone has found that Guardian will drive a servo past its' 45 or 60 degree normal travel range then this could be a seriuos issue.

As I have mentioned these days I am flying helis and learning about FBL units. Not saying these are the same as the Guardian however they are programed for total travel of servos in their software and if one uses reduced Trans, travel by way of the D/R the FBL will still drive the servos to the max. range set in the software.

This means that if the swashplate can bind at the max. throw limits set in the software then reducing the travel by way of the Transmitter does not help.

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