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My 550 has flown. I wish I was able to say it was faultless but it wasn't. The head was perfect, the gains etc were fine and it felt very solid. The tail however is a different story. I'm using a Tarot ZYXs FBL controller. I have it mounted on its side on the side of the fuselage. Gyro set at 28 in HH mode and 71 in rate mode as per the instructions. All other settings currently at default so in theory should be fine. All servos set to 1520 digital. The tail servo is a Futaba S9254 and the ball is at 14mm from the centre. The instructions call for 13.5mm to 15mm, again in theory all should be good. Head speed is set @ 2100 in normal and idle 1 is 2250.

Upon lift off the tail feels very loose and swings left and right approximately 45deg each way. If I raise the gain on the tx I can get it to tighten up but the amplitude of the oscillation increases. I've tried moving the ball on the servo both in and out with little success. I even moved it to 10mm from the center at which point tail rotor control is lost. I'm beginning to wonder if my servo is reaching the end of its life and is struggling under load. I've had this happen before on my 500 with the same symptoms, albeit with a much lesser servo. I'm going to pick up a replacement servo in the hope it will resolve my problem. This Futaba 9254 is about 7 years old and has seen service on several helicopters and with 3 different gyros.

Hopefully I'll be able to report a clean bill of health after the next flight. Oh and the final fly in the ointment, one of my 5000mAh 6s packs has decided it's now a 5s pack and has a dead cell so come the end of the month I'll be buying a couple more of those too.
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