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Originally Posted by viper522 View Post
I'm no engineer, so maybe we can put our thoughts together and solve it. Maybe the winglets aren't the problem.

As I understand it, lift is dependent on angle of attack. If the wings are aligned in parallel and symmetrical, this produces lift perpendicular to the surface.

If one wing is out of alignment, at a different angle, it will lift more or less, and cause the craft to roll on its axis.

But...there are much more knowledgeable folks here who could debunk that I'm sure.
Yes, true, but even a single bend winglet won't cause a roll because lift and drag will still provide enough stability. One could easily get away with angled winglets and some flying wings have those by design. The slower the speed though, the heavier drag will have it's effect on overall lift and performance. One should expect a roll tendency with slowest speeds.
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