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I agree with everything said about the tail servo. I am disappointed that I spent twice as much (almost) on this heli as an mCPx. If the price was less, then I wouldn't care. As with the mCPx, mods were necessary for tail blow outs. It left much to be desired power wise. This 130X is way better power wise, and tail wise other than the vibes. It hit the target for me as for what it is when flying right. I've been lucky enough to have replaced the tail hub and got a good one the second try. I've LOVED this heli more than any other I've had and have learned SO much in such a short time because it fly's so much like a simulator.
Any heli I've owned needed to be gone through. Even BNF. I want Horizon to stay in business and keep producing great products like this one (and parts. 8) ). So if they need to get that much for this heli, then I'll pay it. Provided it works like advertised. It's always better to under commit and over deliver than over commit and under deliver. This heli has done both for Horizon.
When mine came out of the box and only flew 1.5 batteries before the tail bearing housing blew apart from excess vibration from a bad tail hub, I was pretty upset. I didn't get a chance to learn what amount of vibs were "normal". I will also say that with there customer service and a little patience on my part, ( which is hard with a new toy.) that I would go through it all again knowing that they've got my back.
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