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Some RMG 280 D picts

Well i did not have time to try the EP set procedure again yet.. and decided NOT to take the Winch out of the boat yet since i worry about restoring water tight integrity of thr Servo and Power Leads at the radio compartment entry point.. And all looks fine in there anyway, so I will bench test it with the Drum OFF while the winch is on the tray as shown below first..

Mr Tug:
I am curious about one thing regarding:
" (5)Turn off switch send joystick full up and turn on switch winch will read out position turn off,(Note that the winch will not move to the out position this is normal.)/// if the winch does not turn to the FAR OUT position .. how does it "read" it and know where that position really is? is the 280 circuit card reading the pulse width the receiver is sending? apparently so.. JimS//
(6)Pull joystick back in and turn on,winch will rotate to it's in position of your radio which you don't know where that is, /// I am not sure exactly what you mean by "where that is" but I assume that is the original IN END Point with the sheets nearly but not quite where it should be. is this correct? // that's why you disconnected the drum so you don't bust the boat up,now re install the drum on the correct shaft spline with the sails closehauled,// yes I marked the sheets IN EP with a Black dot from felt tip pen as shown below.. not shown is a similar mark placed on the spline shaft later too// moving the joystick determines the travel you desire turn off switch then rx // to turn OFF the RX here I assume I must pull the servo channel plug that is feeding it power correct? JimS // then Tx and you're done.

Power back up and you should have your travel set,if radio is capable use EPA to get it exact.// Ok, this last sentence suggests to me that the only time the Shaft should move is at step 4 .. but once i power the Tx and Rx down and back ON (with the Signal s/w ON or removed completely) then i should see normal shaft movement and can replace the DRUM at the IN Point guide marks and see if it really is turning normally for normal IN /OUT sheet travel .. Can you tell me how many turns of the drum will typicaly make to travel that range for an RMG IOM?//

Rather than reply to this Tug, let me try it again tonight.. and I'l let you know later if I have any other issues.. Thanks Again.. JimS
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