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Originally Posted by rsmheli View Post
My tail did explode on the second flight.
I contacted customer support and they are sending replacement tail parts.
I questioned him on the tail vibration and was told that is a trait of this helicopter.
I said it may be a trait but it is not normal and there is a problem.
He admitted they did not know why the 130X has the vibration on spool-up.
He suggested moving quickly through the spool-up range where the vibration occurs.
He seemed to want to side-step the issue, and I was just happy he was sending parts without charge.
I have ordered a Boca bearing kit in hopes it will smooth things out.
Don't expect just bearings to fix your problem. A huge issue is the tail hub not being square with the tail rotor shaft. That is what's mostly causing the massive vibrations for people. And what trashes bearings. The stock bearings aren't that bad and they do work. They just don't last long at all when faced with that massive high frequency vibration. Check that the hub is square by measuring as accurately as you can the distance from each end of the hub (where the grip screws go) to opposite end of the tail rotor shaft. Another quick and dirty (i.e. easy) way is to line it up on some notebook paper. The two red vertical lines on the left are the exact same distance apart as the hub thickness. Line it up and see if the shaft is perfectly straight against one of the horizontal blue lines. If not, that's your biggest tail problem right there. The hub is just pressed on to the shaft and held with some sort of adhesive, so they're very often misaligned. You can try to fix it, but I'd just ask for another one from Horizon. After that, use tape and trial and error to balance your tail blades.

As for Horizon not admitting that this is an issue or that they don't even "know about it" (I was actually told that once by product support)... Yeah, right. How come we can figure it out quite easily, but the actual pro pilots and other paid "professionals" there apparently can't?
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