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Originally Posted by northernsky View Post
That being said, how can you release a potentially great little heli like the 130X with such a glaringly obvious engineering flaw? Of course I'm talking about the ridiculously extreme tail resonance issue.
It's not really an engineering flaw. The parts are fine in "design". It's poor quality control that causes all of this. When you get good, straight, square (i.e. tail shaft and hub) parts, the heli flies very, very well...and smoothly with balanced blades...

Are you trying to tell us that you "missed" this problem when in testing phase? Because if you did, you need a new team. It shouldn't take your customers having to discover and deal with this kind of flawed product. It should have been EASILY caught & FIXED, prior to release. This is a case of basic incompetence in your quality control. It's too bad, because if this heli didn't have such a MAJOR problem, it could be a great product.
Agreed. However, the one glaring thing I do not agree with is their claim of every one having been factory test flown. There is no way that is true. Many people have had dead electronics right out of the box (especially servos), including me.

I hope that "James" from Blades Product Development Team reads this thread and learns a little something about pulling the wool over the customers' eyes. You're telling us 130X owners that the tail resonance is "normal", that we simply need to quickly throttle past that point, is TOTAL AND UTTER B.S, and you KNOW IT!
Don't know if he follows this forum or the threads about his helis here, but I know he posts over on Helifreak.

For $279 for this micro heli, we should NOT have to modify it right out of the box to make it fly correctly. It's a Bind and Fly, not a Modify, Bind and Fly!
I call it "Bind N Fiddle".
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