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I have the WESD51, and my friend has the WES51. Bothe are equivalent and the temp dail on the WES51 is accurate enough. If I wanted to conserve dollars I would go for the WES51. It is sufficient. The only time I find the digital readout of any value is when trying to heat up a big piece of metal I can see the temperature of the tip drop and then rise back up again or stablize below the setting depending on the size and heat disapatin properties of the piece I am soldering. But this is rare since mostly I do micro soldering.

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Title sums it up. My Weller EC1002 started acting up on me tonight. It may just be in the pen, or the whole unit may be bad. This model was discontinued in '02, so even if my unit was the very last one ever made (highly unlikely), it's still 10 years old.

I'll look more into repairing this unit, but I'm also researching a bit in case replacement is necessary. Right now, the prime candidate is the Weller WESD51, which is the digital version of the replacement for my iron (WES51). Looks like I can buy a new one for $90 or so.

I plan on doing a LOT of soldering in the future, with my increased involvement in RC an FPV. I'd like to get a unit that is versatile, capable, and durable. Anyone have any suggestions aside from the WESD51? is offline Find More Posts by
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