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Originally Posted by manuel v View Post
The big problem with this motor is the amount off cooper.

One 18T 22awg DLRK Delta termination has 36wires for slot.
APC 11x4.7sf TP 1320 3S:
6666 rpm @ 10.6v/17.4a 1227 grams 43.3 oz/thrust 81.0% Efficient
(data post no.8)

and this motor 19t 21AWG LRK Star termination has 19wire for slot.

Fore same cooper fill is necesary 36 tuns 22AWG delta termination, o 18 turns 19AWG star termination.

But this is not possible motor
Because the bell has very little clarity in the front.
This is not a motor for this LRK winding.

Manuel V.
You are right of course, I'm not arguing about that. But we can still talk about the confusion as to why it seems to work pretty well for a lousy motor, right? I think I am going to learn something. But you have inspred me to look at the details a little more:

Volume of copper:

Original wind (0.7239mm3) has 96% more copper than the LRK wind (0.3676mm3).

Surface area

LRK wind (0.410 mm2) has a 12% more surface area than the original wind (0.3619 mm2).

Length of wire

LRK wind length (1168mm) is 58% of the length of the original wind (2000mm).

There is still good clearance (3mm +) between the top of the bell and the LRK winding now. When I run out of room on this motor it is on the sides of the arms or in the slots when I wind all 12 arms.

If I did this same 19 turn LRK wind with a 1168mm long piece of 19 AWG wire I would have a copper volume of 0.763mm3 and that is close to the original wind's volume of 0.7239mm3.

And then I would also have a better basis for comparing the LRK wind to the dLRK wind at the same kV. And that is the comparison I started out trying to do here...

That is what I will do next, a 19 turn LRK wind with 19 AWG wire. The image shows the 13 turn 18 AWG test wind, I think I can get 19 turns of 19 AWG in there. I'm waiting for the wire to arrive, it will be here soon.

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