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You SHOULD balance the fan.... but otherwise you can take the lucky dip chance!! LOL. Of it working and lasting.... or not.

They put them together and just run them to scrape the blades to "fit"!! LOL
This occurs because they don't centre the motor properly, thus the fan is closer to one side of the housing. When an EDF runs high RPM the blades stretch and then will hit the shroud at that closest point.
So at least pull it apart and centre the motor.....

It is too long winded to explain 'proper' balancing.... but you can at least balance it on a prop balancer at worst. The side that fall lowest is heavier of course... so scrunch up some tape bits and place them into the rear of the hub on the light side. Wedge them into the 'framework' and they will stick enough to stay there. G-force also keep them in place too. Then re-test teh balance and do it again.....

Not being balanced means wasting power, and also wearing bearings faster. And, at the high end of RPM, more chance to 'explode' the fan.
Which is also a problem of not centering the motor - blades stretch, gap to the housing runs out, blades jam... kaboom.
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