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It seems at the moment that this project is not progressing as I would like it too.........

weather has been against me getting the boat into the open air to sand it down, and on the few occassions that it has been mild, dare I say sunny and not windy, my good lady has put the washing out on the line to dry..........there's nothing worse than getting into a bed that's coated in a silver sheen of body filler dust............I CAN DEFINATELY RECOMMEND AGAINST IT!!!!

and then the last few days the bug that I got early in September has come back with a vengence, making me tired and weary..........was even sent for a chest x ray a couple of weeks ago because of the coughing's clear, thank god.................but today after starting a second course of anti b's I decided thaat the damn boat wouldn't sand itself

because I used so much filler to cover the irregular framework, I decided to attack the plug, firstly with my sonic power sander with a tungsten and diamond tipped "mouse".

Using only the weight of the tool itself, it was suprising how easily it reduced the filler to a uniform height on the boat with the hollow spots showing well..
next step will be to sand with a "mouse" sander and 40 grade grit...................

once this has been completed, I'll then fill the hollows and sand again with the 40 and then 120 grade grit.

It's made me feel better just doing that this
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