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So I have read many post of others using and liking these servos

Some complain that no other servo arms fit these , not uncommon.

Some say leads are small / fragile they look fine to me .

Some say soldering to motor and board is poor quality , anyone own a Blade 130X or followed that thread? Some of the worst soldering I have seen in my 49 years in RC.

In received 4 ea. yesterday , checked that motors where pushed up and added a bit of foam, checked leads and they looked OK, used a dab of Blue RTV Silicon to case leads exit point, added the smallest speck of gell CA to ends of case screws and placed them on servo cycler and did a 2 hour run in in approx. 30 min. sessions.

They most likely will go in a TRex 450 which my son has traded for. I considered putting them in my Blade 450 FBL but went with HS 5065s instead which of course cost 4X as much but I like / trust Hitec equipment.The 450 had DS75s on the cyclics and I suffered severe pucker factor every time I flew it which was only like 10 flights in several weeks which for me in nothing.Perhaps now my Blade 400 will get a bit of a rest but perhaps not. Both fly much the same ,tail on 450 is stronger from a mechanical / engineering point and 450 sounds bigger , more impressive but most of us know they are in fact the same.

Servo update

It turns out that the motor sliding down in the case is not really the issue ,it is more like the pinion gear being installed to far down on the motor shaft.

Yesterday the one of the elevator was acting flackey so the spare was installed. Son flew the heli yesterday evening and a couple of minutes or so in the flight it got spasmotic. He managed to get it down OK so today he brings it over and I disassemble and check all of the servos but this time the top section (gears). Two of the pinion gears were barely engaged and the gear they drive could move uo enough to become disengaged. The other two were better but not by much. I raised the pinion gear on all four of them. Hope that means all of the Gremlins have been removed.

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