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Ok starting to lose patience now, paid for my ET G back in late Aug, and it shipped 24 Sept. The tracking number provided hasn't changed status for about 3 weeks. Contacted ET and they were not very helpful saying it can take 3-16 weeks.....not in my experience from the US-Aus, two weeks is very typical. Contacted USPS and no reply. Ended up ordering another from from Fast Lad UK and it shipped the next day. Knowing my luck the second one will arrive before the first. Frustrating waiting...

Now having had a rant, a question regarding setting max travels, I assume one should turn the ET off, verify max travels on full rates, then set the 2D or 3D mode and then tilt the plane 45dgs away from the heading to check the travels are no more than the max travels normally set up without the ET on. This process doesn't seem well documented in the manual and I wondered what others were doing in this regard. Might as well learn up on setup whilst I wait for this box o' tricks to arrive....Cheers.
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