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Originally Posted by cpmcgraw View Post
Hello, Steve, from Mobile, Alabama, USA!

Love your site, and have been spending far too much time poking around and downloading. You are doing for model airplanes what "Ye Olde Rocket Plans" and "JimZ" have been doing for a number of years with model rockets, and from this old fart...(cough)...uh, builder, it's much appreciated!

When I walk into the LHS these days, it saddens me to see the nearly-total absence of airplane KITS on the shelves. Twenty-odd years ago, when I worked a local shop, virtually every RC plane was still a kit.
Kits? What kits? When I started there wasn't even a single balsa sheet 300miles around so I had to convince a local joiner to get me 1cm square strips of cryptomeria (10x denser than balsa) which I had to whittle to the sizes I wanted! Ribs etc were made from card. And I had to enlarge my plans from magazines by hand on wrapping paper which I bought by the roll (honest!)!

So I won't accept your rating as Old Fart, Middle Fart at most

And yes, Steve, keep posting the drawings as PDFs, and DXFs optional if available would be nice as well

Note: The above is not a rant, it makes me look like I had to grow my own balsa but that whas how I actually started modelling and it did provide me with a set of skills that were and still are very useful to me and for which I'm thankful. Yup, no ARFs back then and if there were I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway...
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