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I'm aware of flight characteristics so that's why I'm asking, because many of you already mounted it and have spotted the best location.
What I have not mentioned is that I want to mount it in the housing, I'm to aware of a potential drop of gopro to mount it without housing.
The view.. of course if there would be an unobstructed view it will be the best, but for that I think the only place to mount it is under the fuse looking slightly down, however I'm still not the best on "catch landing".

On the wing I also don't think is a good place (only if I don't plan to mount on both wings to maintain the cg )

I do like how you mounted FPV cam.. will take that into account too, cause I know.. FPV for my P2K is not far away.

Originally Posted by eosglider View Post
I can think of a million ways to mount the GoPro onto the plane but it all depends on what view you want. If you want an unobstructed view, somewhere on the wing would be best, otherwise you'll probably have to fabricate a way to strap it onto the canopy or the small fuse space behind the canopy. Might have to screw the GoPro's little base into the plastic fuse.

Another thing to consider is drag and if you mount it on the wing, you have to remember it will act as a spoiler on that wing, so flight characteristics might not be ideal. In my opinion, mounting it somewhere on the fuse on top or bottom might be the way to go.

I did an FPV setup on the P2K where I mounted the FPV camera in the canopy without the hatch. It worked out well and flight characteristics were mostly un-affected.

Hope it helps.
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