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Last piece of the puzzle that is the drive train.This came all the way from the good ol'USofA and cost $5 and change including postage! Well engineered and lighter than the previous monstrosity.
Kent,I bought some Gorilla glue(a reptilian cousin Alligator glue)but I need to try glassing anyway so this trial is a good opportunity.

This is how I intend to proceed-
Wrap the perimeter of the roots with packing tape to stop any squeezed out epoxy sticking.
Weigh the two heavier cloth pieces and mix an equivalent weight of epoxy.
Wax paper on the bottom clamping plate,position the roots and wet out the surface.
Place the first layer of cloth,brushing it well down onto the foam.
More epoxy,making sure the weave is filled.
Second layer,repeat as above.
Remove excess with a card,cover with waxed paper and the top clamp plate.
Eight clamps,tightened in turn as you would wheel nuts,check measurements.
Leave over night.
Open the press,take off the paper.Stand back either in horror or amazement!
Can I add the top layer straight onto this,or does it need a sanded key?
Despite Richards doubts I'm going to add powdered graphite to the top layer,in an attempt to get a low friction surface.
So,mix up epoxy,add the recommended 10% by weight of the powder and proceed as before.
Place waxed Mylar sheet and press.
Will that do the trick?
Regards Stuart.
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