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Originally Posted by tiede3d View Post

I'm interested in 'flying' a hand held video camera stabilization rig of my own design but which works something like the Steadicam Merlin. These rigs work by balancing the camera support platform on a gimbal. The whole thing is essentially a pendulum with a slightly larger mass below the gimbal to keep it 'balanced'. It is difficult to keep the support from swaying when accelerated and to aim or pan the camera where desired.

My goal is to attach a 3D control system such as the Guardian to such a stabilized platform. The outputs would simply move masses on the horizontal x and y axes to keep the platform level as it is accelerated in various directions. I'd also like something like the hold heading feature used on airplanes to keep the stabilizer pointed in a fixed direction.

Since the members here are all experts at RC motion control, my question is could the Guardian system be used for my application even though it isn't a motorized vehicle or airplane?
Guardian is an excellent but highly developed and dedicated air plane stabilizer. I think you should check also some more "primitive" but very programmable devices like Ice-Man BL-3G or even Arduino based gyro-boards.
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