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Hello Kelly and Brandano,

Thank you guys for all the wonderful info!
I personally prefer single propeller though
First, to answer Kelly question, i was using a single prop (Turnigy 790Kv motor from Hobby King) on UFRO version13-"A". (this is actually version #15, i just called it 13-A because i was just re-using version 13 again)

The UFRO version 13 (and other earlier version), had the AEO-RC CR28M Contra-Rotating Motor w/ 2-Blades @1050kv and also with APM.
I like the contra-rotating prop but the con is the weight penalty due to the additional ESC and battery Y-harness.

I have even tried Himax contra -rotating motor (tried all models except the two last big one - CR 5025 and CR6320)
, but then quit after my right hand (between index finger and thumb) got sliced open by CR3516 during propeller testing last year (phobia ? lol)

I will definitely revisit APM 2.0 again. I do want to use Magnetometer and other features offered by APM ( that why i using it on the first place )
I was just using the firmware in the "Mission Planner" software - "Arduplane". I thought i had a good understanding on how to change some of the parameters in the existing software and expect "magic" happen on my sphere .

There are some parameters in the software loop that create some strange outputs. I wasn't aware these until i switched to gyros (again, please forgive my limited RC experince).
For example, I turned off all PID on all axis (i never use I or D before), and other parameters like T to P mix, rudder mix and etc, but two of the bottom vanes was still responding to YAW motion.
I was in desperation to see my sphere hover and decided to keep it simple by switching to gyros.

As for all my other models (flying and non-flying one), i will post them after i'm done working on version 16. The attached picture here is the latest version 16 that i am working on for the past two days using the same Turnigy 790Kv motor. The bottom half of the sphere frame where the edge is reinforced with carbon fiber stripe. The fuselage is made of Pringles can. You can see version 13-A next to it.

I read about the Flying Carbon Fiber Can and Kelly's Austrian Turboplan, i really love it!
I am so envy that both of them can fly so well~
Again, thank you both for your advise Will keep you guys posted.

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