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Thanks Paul! The Altanta has been on the bucket list for a long time. Very happy to finally see one in person.

Thanks for the pointers on the original kit! I thought that the internal elevator setup would be included, but they are not hard to fabricate because they are really just torque rods. Same with flaps. Usually I steer far away from torque rods on ailerons because they get slop after a while and I can't stand any slop. Plus single aileron servo is limiting in setup vs dual aileron servos.

I was wondering whether Zigsaw included the MK type aileron/flap setup: I'm sure you are familiar with the very neat tube-in-tube torque rod setup that's included in many MK kits of this era: both flaps and ailerons in one internal system. I have it on the Arrow, and thought they were extremely cool not only because they are surprisingly tight and slop free, but it makes all the servos and linkages internal in the wings for a very clean look. Added that the Atlanta has internal elevators linkages, this will produces a streamlined Atlanta with all internal linkages that will look beautiful and fast, and produces a period correct design.

I don't have extra sets of those MK rod-torque rods, so I will probably still go with dual ailerons. Plus one aileron pocket is already cutout by the prior builder.

I'll check again on the kit contents on those aluminum pins and start gathering parts. Hopefully I will have time to build this soon!

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