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Originally Posted by tiede3d View Post
Yes, this stabilized platform is carried by hand and not flown.

I haven't computed the value of the inertial mass that might be needed. But the servo doesn't need to move the center of mass of the whole upper mass, only a small balancing mass relatively far from the center gimbal support. It is the torque which is mass times lever arm which is important. In this case the lever arm is large (maybe 6 or more inches) and the balancing torque needed should be small because the whole assembly is almost perfectly balanced to begin with. I imagine something with the mass of penny moved an inch or two might be the order of magnitude needed. The movement of the mass can be nearly frictionless so the servo motor wouldn't need to do much work . Both the mass (and thus the force) and the translation distance are small. As to servo torque, if the RPM of the servo motor is high enough, the translations can be smoothly accomplished even with low torque using the mechanical advantage of a screw with a large number of threads per inch.

I don't really need to worry much about how much mass is needed for batteries, controller, or servos because whatever is needed can be distributed or compensated with other additional mass to keep the platform center of mass over the gimbal. Since it is hand carried, a person can easily support the mass even with two small HD video cameras and all the hardware. The design allows a support rod attached to the gimbal to be further supported by a pocket attached to a belt.
You might have more luck contacting Eagletree directly or billpa who started this thread. I find this thread is really all about the primary function of the Guardian which is airplane stabilization, not camera platforms.
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