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K so iv been gone for a while. I quickly learned how to fly it, usually when it is flying with the nose away from me. I've given it a few good crashes and everything still seems fine, except a cracked canopy. Now the problem, the other day while flying i was at like middle throttle but randomly the heli went FUll power and went up to the sky. I quickly shut down the throttle and like 1-2 seconds later the heli came down. Now when i hold the heli in my hand it'll throttle up to full by its self when i am about half way. All the parts seem in tact as well as the wires, you think this is a board problem? It'll stall sometimes for a second before going full blast on its own, stall full blast stall full blast etc. The stalls are really really quick btw.
Check the batteries in your TX, if good sounds like a loose connection or bad solder joint somewhere in the TXor maybe some dirt or grit in the contacts or bad contact to your anteanna wire ,after that I would guess the PCB Good Luck Steve
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