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Maiden flight video

Went to the field for the maiden, and there were a few others enjoying the great flying wx. The wind was 6-11 MPH. Flew with a lightweight Hyp 240 Babbelbatt first, and then with a lightweight TP 325 65c Babbelbatt. As can be seen in the video, the TP pack definitely has better vertical & top speed. I didn't get a chance to try the new Hyp 500 35c, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Ditto for the SFGs.

As one would expect - like her predecessor, the Sbach 3D is an excellent flier. She flies as if she's on rails, even better than the V1. The basic personality of the V1 is definitely there, but this Sbach went to etiquette school & graduated with top honors! Maneuvers are graceful & fluid, yet precise. She definitely flies big. Makes me want to fly IMAC-style.

Thrust-to-weight seems to be markedly improved over the V1 - no doubt due to the new 4.9A ESC. There is ample power for any aerobatic maneuver. She effortlessly climbs vertically out of a hover - even with the factory prop. Unlimited rolling verticals are easy, even late into the flight. There is plenty of vertical speed, so handling remains crisp on long up-lines & she tracks like an arrow all the way up. The pilot's eyesight is the only limit.

Great news! With a TP 325 all the way back, she was still just a tad tail-heavy! This means it should be easy to get the CG right with a variety of packs. I did have to widen the compartment by about 2 mm to accommodate the TP 325 pack. The front of the compartment is fine, but there is a slight step on each side of the compartment, part way back. I simply removed the step so that the battery compartment is the same width all the way back. My TP 325 & Hyp 500 packs now fit just fine. I'm thinking that the new Hyp 400 & 500 35c packs will be excellent choices for endurance flights & flying in higher winds.

Right out of the box, the Sbach 3D is a true unlimited aerobatic ship. A UM-sized plane that is equally at home doing pattern, 3D, and even IMAC-style aerobatics. I can hardly wait to see what she can do with a better prop. And a 3s pack...

Be sure to watch in HD!

Eflite UMX Sbach 3D - maiden flight & battery comparison (13 min 22 sec)

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