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Just a few other questions before I power it up. My throttle lever is on the right so to arm I hold it in normal V configuration or inverted V?
Throttle and rudder on right?

Is there any issue to mount the IMU directly on top of the MC Box? ( see photos of setup
Should be ok there

"Enable Insurance" What is that? Fail safe?
used for auto take off. Don't touch for now

When I click "Init setup" what is happening? I don't see anything? (using PC GCS)
Used for throttle calibration. You have to be in manual mode for it to have any effect. GCS should show "Init setup". Do not fly in this condition.

How can I see if the RC is properly calibrated?
Move the sticks. Manual servo position/R/A/E should not exceed +-40. Throttle, < 90

How can I stop the default location going to YSs test field in Beijing?
You can't

With the "new" USB cable, Can I plug this directly into one of the data modules to connect it to the GCS software? If I can this means I can use internet live while using the GCS and flying. (No Wifi needed for connection then)
I don't have a modem but I don't see why not. You do not need a live connection to use the map. You do have to cache the area you are flyinf and not close the PC GCS down.

Is it ok to leave all the red wire connected to all the ESC sockets going to the MC unit? I see on the Alishanmao's YouTube tutorial he briefly mentions to disconnect all except one. But there isn't anything in the manual on this so assume this isn't necessary?
Disconnect all the red wires from ECS. Some ECS can fry. Power to RX is supplied from the FC

Are we able to connect any other sensors such as sonar or optic sensors?
Current sensor. RPM. It holds pretty well without sonar
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