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Originally Posted by bobly View Post
The only thing I am really going to work on is landing it. It seems like it doesn't want to land. Almost like the as3x system is giving it some up elev as you slow it down and then it finally gets so slow about 6-10 inches off the ground that it sort of plops down the last little bit. I don't land this way preferring to fly all the way to the ground. I want it to hit rolling on the main gear with wheels on or slide across the grass for a few feet without wheels over grass. Haven't been anywhere where I could put the wheels on and grass landings it just stops when it hits the ground.
Originally Posted by kalmon View Post
Mine has the same problem with landings. However this plane harrier lands beautifully! Learn those and you'll literally be able to land on a dime!

If you want to land conventionally you'll need to land it relatively fast. Fly it all the way to the ground and when it is only inches off the ground reduce throttle. The plane seems to auto-flare so don't add any additional back stick. It will touch down tail low on the mains and the tail will touch almost immediately after the mains. Trying to three-point, for me at least, leads to the float-plop you described.


It does seem to be an AS3X thing - that gyro locks onto a heading and does it's level best (pun intended) to hold it. I find it with my GeeBee as well. You have to consciously bring it in nose down, until it basically touches the ground. If you fly it along the ground and just reduce throttle, it just kind of hangs there until it either stalls, or drops. I've learned with the GeeBee that when it get's that locked in feeling on landing to ease the stick forward just slightly, or come around again for another approach.
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